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Friday, 04/07/14
Do you have to choose between happy customers or happy shareholders. Professor Marion DeBruyne of Vlerick Business School brings the good news that you don't have to choose because happy... + continue reading

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Qoints - SaaS digital marketing intelligence and competitive benchmarking tool
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Wednesday, 07/05/14
Welcome to Qoints, a repository for digital marketing data. We help marketers set objective benchmarks and understand results in order to improve the overall effectiveness of their digital... + continue reading

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How Oreo, Trident and Wheat Thins Generate Consumer Advocacy in a Mobile and Social World | Data-Driven Marketing Network
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Friday, 11/07/14
Brands have spent millions to acquire fans and followers; how do they take the next step to engage customers in ways that drive marketing outcomes that matter? View this webinar recording to... + continue reading